Uncooked meat


The preparation of raw meat for your preparations is part of ActiMeat’s core expertise. We provide products which best meet your the criteria set out in your specifications.  
ActiMeat’s  choice and advice as regards raw materials in terms of geographical origin and the types of cuts used, agreed in conjunction with you, will be the key to combining raw materials which ensure you control over composition (level of protein, of fat, of humidity and in collagen), not forgetting texture, by means of significant factors – diameter, length, compression and resistance.  Of course the objective is your satisfaction and that of the end consumer.
ActiMeat puts at your disposal its Research and Development Department, which can provide you with advice and make a contribution towards increasing the perceived value of finished products or resolve issues regarding taste, texture, appearance or the production of products which employ meat.

The shelled made by ActiMeat is proposed with the mince millimeters required according to specific needs. The uncooked meats shelled, produced by Actimeat, are frozen according to the IQF frozen technic (individually quick frozen) which allows to make a crust and to froze in an uninterrupted way some individual small and delicate items avoiding they agglomerate during the storage, transport or final using.