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The preparation of raw meat products is at the heart of ActiMeat’s expertise. We will be able to offer a product that best meets your specific needs.

Egrené de viande crue IQF pour PAI - gamme crue

ActiMeat’s expertise consists of selecting the raw materials for their origin and type(s) of meat, and assembling them to guarantee the control and calibration of the final composition (protein, fat, moisture and collagen content).

ActiMeat puts its Research and Development department at your service, in order to increase the end product’s perceived value and to achieve objectives in terms of flavour, texture and visual appearance.

The shredded produce of ActiMeat is offered in the desired chop size (between 5 and 20mm) depending on the specific needs of the end product. ActiMeat raw meat shavings are deep-frozen using the IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) technique, which prevents them from sticking together during storage, transport and final processing.


Farce raviolis - pâtes farcies ActiMeat

Stuffed pasta

Plats cuisinés - grossiste viande ActiMeat

Ready-made meals

Sauces bolognaises - grossiste viande ActiMeat