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The preparation of ActiMeat cooked meat products is an expertise that we have developed with the help and at the request of our customers, in full compliance with specifications.

Egrené de boeuf IQF pour PAI - grossiste viande ActiMeat

ActiMeat has developed a totally innovative solution for baking on a solid belt, which guarantees the preservation of the flavour, texture and visual appearance of the product. During the cooking process, the juices generated are completely reintegrated into the product by a specific cold treatment in order to provide an incomparable flavour.
This means that ActiMeat plain cooked meat will be ready for incorporation and will provide great consistency and smoothness in the finished product. This solution provides great flexibility and simplification of raw material management in terms of traceability. ActiMeat guarantees softness and fibre as well as ensuring the piece is resistant to the customer’s processes, and therefore has a greater visual impact.

Our products can be mixed with spices, condiments, vegetables or other natural ingredients. Our R&D teams will be happy to develop the right formulation for your needs. (See in this case our innovative meat and vegetable mix).


Topping pizza - grossiste viande ActiMeat

Oven cooked products

Plats cuisinés - grossiste viande ActiMeat

Ready-made meals

Sauces bolognaises - grossiste viande ActiMeat


Farce raviolis - pâtes farcies ActiMeat

Stuffed pasta

Snacks et sandwichs - grossiste viande ActiMeat