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With its 100% plant-based range, ActiMeat helps you meet the growing demand from consumers for alternatives to meat or meat substitutes.

Boulettes végétales IQF pour PAI - grossiste viande ActiMeat

Thanks to these products, you can expand your development radius and make your recipes more plant-based by combining quality, flavour, nutritional balance and deliciousness. 

ActiMeat has the expertise, the industrial know-how and the R&D resources to develop tailor-made recipes based on precise specifications. 

This range is made from blends of vegetables, spices and natural ingredients. Several sources of vegetable protein are available: peas (allergen and gluten free), wheat and soya (GMO free). All recipes are clean-label certified and all these protein sources are also available in organic form. 

Whether it’s mine, meatballs or steaks, the Veggie ActiMeat range will cover all applications.
A real source of innovation, it expresses its qualities thanks to our full-belt cooking process, which gives a high added value to our ingredients. It thus keeps its commitments to offer you flavours, a soft and pleasant texture in the mouth and an attractive visual. 

ActiMeat has developed a second Veggie 2nd generation range, to meet a new need and a growing market: plant-based meat substitutes. 

In this context, ActiMeat uses natural plant materials, for a healthy and tasty result, allowing it to differentiate itself from current market offers with its 100% clean-label recipes. 

You too can make a difference!


Topping pizza - grossiste viande ActiMeat

Oven cooked products

Farce raviolis - pâtes farcies ActiMeat

Stuffed pasta

Plats cuisinés - grossiste viande ActiMeat

Ready made meals

Sauces bolognaises - grossiste viande ActiMeat


Feuilletés et tourtes - grossiste viande ActiMeat

Puff pastries and pies

Soupes - grossiste viande ActiMeat


Snacks et sandwichs - grossiste viande ActiMeat

Snacks and sandwiches