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ActiMeat selects and transforms meat and plant-based raw materials to formulate ingredients adapted to your applications in the form of mince, patties and burgers

Grossiste PAI industriel - ActiMeat

40 years of know-how

at the service of manufacturers of sauces, ready meals, filled pasta, oven products, snacks and puff pastries & pies.
Grossiste PAI industriel - ActiMeat

Controlling the composition of the selected raw materials

(protein, fat, moisture, collagen content) guaranteeing technical know-how at all stages of our customers’ production.
Grossiste PAI industriel - ActiMeat

A strategy based on innovation thanks to our research and development

department to develop recipes based on raw, cooked, natural and processed meat, cooked vegetables or vegetable proteins.
Recettes à base d'ingrédients végétaux - gamme Veggie ActiMeat
Steak végétal - grossiste PAI ActiMeat


Boulettes végétales - grossiste PAI ActiMeat


Egrenés végétaux - grossiste PAI ActiMeat


Recettes à base d'ingrédients végétaux - gamme Veggie ActiMeat
With its 100% Veggie range, ActiMeat meets the new expectations of consumers with products that combine quality, taste, nutritional balance and deliciousness. All our recipes are CLEAN LABEL and use very few additives, all guaranteed to be natural.


Farce raviolis - pâtes farcies ActiMeat

Stuffed pasta

ActiMeat offers natural or spicy, raw or cooked, mincemeat or plant-based mince, perfect for use as a filling in ravioli, tortellini or cannelloni type pasta, providing taste and texture.
Grossiste PAI industriel - ActiMeat
Topping pizza - grossiste viande ActiMeat

Oven products

ActiMeat chips are perfect for use as a topping on pizzas and as a topping in lasagne. They will bring taste, texture and visual appeal to your oven products.
Grossiste PAI industriel - ActiMeat
Plats cuisinés - grossiste viande ActiMeat

Ready meals

ActiMeat offers perfect fillings for chili con/sin carne dishes. Its expertise lies in taste, texture and visual appeal. Meatballs can also be used as a value-added ingredient in ready meals (e.g. rice, dumplings, tomato sauce)
Grossiste PAI industriel - ActiMeat
Sauces bolognaises - grossiste viande ActiMeat


Thanks to its shaping and cooking process on a solid strip, the mince provides taste, chewiness, visual appeal and resistance to fit perfectly into your Bolognese sauces.
Grossiste PAI industriel - ActiMeat
Snacks et sandwichs - grossiste viande ActiMeat


A wide range of fillings to spice up your sandwiches, stuffed / breaded products such as empanadas, turnovers, croquettes, arancini, etc. with a controlled taste and texture.
Grossiste PAI industriel - ActiMeat
Soupes - grossiste viande ActiMeat


ActiMeat offers mince and meatballs that can be added to your soups to add flavour, texture and “bite”.
Grossiste PAI industriel - ActiMeat
Feuilletés et tourtes - grossiste viande ActiMeat

Puff pastries / pies

Your puff pastries and pies can now include perfect fillings to bring flavour and texture to them and offer original recipes.
Grossiste PAI industriel - ActiMeat
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Today, our company is recognised as an indispensable partner by the food industry at a European level, through a differentiation strategy based on 6 levers. 
Grossiste PAI industriel - ActiMeat


Grossiste PAI industriel - ActiMeat

Industrial performance

Grossiste PAI industriel - ActiMeat

Penetration of European markets 

Grossiste PAI industriel - ActiMeat

Solutions involving health and the environment 

Grossiste PAI industriel - ActiMeat

Human resources 

Grossiste PAI industriel - ActiMeat

Automate, digitise 

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