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ActiMeat cooked meat with vegetables is produced on a customised basis in accordance with your requirements in order to make it easier to use and thus to make your production stages easier.

Egrenés viande et légumes IQF pour PAI - ActiMeat

The cooking of the meat ingredient and of its accompaniment provides you with an ingredient which is ready to use in your preparations. Thus the ActiMeat solution provides you with consistency, flexibility and safety.

Product packing and recipes are determined jointly (by ActiMeat and the Client), to make products easier to use in a manufacturing environment.  For example: the recipe and the weight of the bags are determined in order that a given number of bags are used for each batch on the client’s premises (this prevents weighing mistakes, facilitates the process and thus reduces the number of stages needed, etc.).

The vegetables are browned and cooked in meat juice. This is what confers an unrivalled taste on them. The result is a cooked product in its own right which can be used in a great many dishes (in minced meat dishes, in sauces, in lasagne, etc.).
We have developed specific pieces of equipment which enable us to incorporate all types of ingredients before cooking – raw or pre-prepared vegetables which will accompany the meat and cook in the juice produced by it.

The single ActiMeat process guarantees to be tender, some grains while guaranteeing resistance of the piece which will find itself in the application you wish to give it. We have a long know-how and R&D development experience which allows to propose a ready-made product with an appetizing visual.


Topping pizza - grossiste viande ActiMeat

Oven cooked products

Plats cuisinés - grossiste viande ActiMeat

Ready-made meals

Sauces bolognaises - grossiste viande ActiMeat


Farce raviolis - pâtes farcies ActiMeat

Stuffed pasta

Snacks et sandwichs - grossiste viande ActiMeat