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Egrenés viande Bio - grossiste viande IQF

Organic meat, a trend in constant progression

France has seen a constant increase in consumer demand for organic meat in recent years. Indeed, the production has doubled in five years, to reach nearly 60,000 tons / year of organic meat produced.
An increase that is not ready to stop with an annual growth of about 10%, and the implementation of the new law on climate and resilience that requires 20% of organic and / or local products in French canteens by 2025.

To answer this trend, and this for several years, ActiMeat is committed in an organic and natural approach with its organic range. We offer you a quality meat, from a sustainable, responsible and environmentally friendly chain.
Our organic IQF gins are 100% meat products, without allergens or additives, which can be adapted to all types of consumption: oven products, ready meals, sauces, snacks or soups. Our approach is in response to a market that is experiencing strong growth, particularly in the area of processed products.
Are you looking for ingredients for your IPAs? Do not hesitate to contact us!

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