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A Flammekueche specialist calls on ActiMeat’s know-how 

Do you know the Flammekueche, this flambéed pie made with fresh cream, onions and bacon, a traditional Alsatian recipe?

Recently, we have developed for one of our customers specialized in Alsatian specialties, a vegetarian gin to allow them to develop a vegetarian Flammekueche recipe.
After having collected their needs and the specificities of the recipe established from a specific specification, our R&D teams worked on the development of this new ingredient.
The vegetable gin that we developed fits perfectly with the topping of the Flammekueche with a perfect mastery of the composition, the texture and the visual aspect… nothing was left to chance!
Tested and approved by the tasting panel, it allows our client to offer an innovative recipe to its final consumers.
You are a food manufacturer and you want to stand out with original recipes?
ActiMeat develops for you, the custom ingredient according to your order volume. Do not hesitate to contact us to know more about it! Discover also our ranges of raw or cooked meatballs and steaks as well as our Veggie innovations, we have the product you need!

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