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ActiMeat innovates and participates in the program of support of the TPI/PMI for a transformation towards the industry of the future

The Industrie 4.0 South Course highlights companies’ transformation projects. ActiMeat has joined the program to develop its Meat Scan project, an X-ray qualification system for raw materials aimed at better integrating them, enhancing their value.

This program is divided into 3 key stages:

1/ The “Industry of the Future” diagnosis that allowed ActiMeat to validate the maturity and relevance of the project.

2/ The accompaniment to conceptualize the project. ActiMeat has surrounded itself with partners and external competences in order to characterize the materials, to work on the robotization and the digitalization of the industrial organization and finally on the big data of the traceability with a real stake because of the important number of data to treat.

3/ Modeling, which allows us to test the technologies and ideas developed to complete the project.

From July onwards, ActiMeat will be able to gradually deploy the solution it has found and benefit from investment support from the Southern Region.

This innovation will allow ActiMeat to further improve its industrial performance and its positioning on European markets.


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