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Egrenés Hallal - grossiste viande IQF

The rise of Halal in France 

Since 2010, the consumption of Halal meat in France has doubled, which has highlighted a growing market for the entire food industry. To meet this demand, ActiMeat, specialist in the formulation of meat and vegetable ingredients for the food industry, offers a range of quality Halal.

But what exactly is the Hallal food?

The term Halal refers to what is “licit”, “allowed”. For a meat to be qualified Halal, it must be slaughtered according to the ritual method of slaughter, while being approved by the Halal certification bodies. In the case of ActiMeat, all the ginned products of our Halal range are certified by the Great Mosque of Lyon in the presence of a Halal controller.

Targets and needs

Snacking, sauces, pizzas, ready-made meals, so many ways to use our meat flakes while answering precisely to consumers’ desires. With the emergence of a middle and upper class with greater purchasing power in the Arab-Muslim community in France, new ways of consuming Halal meat have appeared. Thus, the product references are expanding to better meet the needs of customers, who are increasingly looking for varied products adapted to active life such as snacking or catering.

Innovation at the service of growth

The Halal departments of major retailers are also adapting to the growth of this segment, increasing the size of their departments by 5% to 6% on average. A trend that leads to diversify products while innovating.
Innovation, a value that has been at the heart of ActiMeat’s strategy for years. Indeed, our R&D department formulates ingredients for your industrial applications and is committed to accompany you in the development of your new recipes.

What if ActiMeat Halal meat chips were the solution to boost your business?

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