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World Vegetarian Day: ideas for your veggie recipes!

October 1st is the world day dedicated to vegetarianism and these new modes of consumption.
With more than 1.7 million people in France, vegetarians and vegans represent a clientele in their own right.

To satisfy this new target, restaurants have gradually imagined and added their vegetarian option(s) to their menus.

To meet this growing demand, ActiMeat’s Research & Development teams have also developed recipes that meet these new consumption patterns by offering meat substitutes based on peas (guaranteed allergen-free and gluten-free) and wheat or soya (“clean-label” and GMO-free recipes).

The Veggie ActiMeat range is available in the form of minced, meatballs and steaks, all designed to offer softness, flavour and nutritional qualities.

How to use them? These preparations can be easily integrated into sauces, lasagnes, stuffed pasta but also into salads or vegan snacks and allow you to widen the scope of development of these new preparations.

ActiMeat invites you to receive two free samples of your choice to test its Veggie range. Find innovative recipes for your menu on https://store.actimeat.com/en/sample-boxes/

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